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In-Service Training's


We offer web based training to enhance the skills of direct care workers for proficiency of conditions and awareness of assisting individuals of intellectual disabilities.


 We offer courses to assist in understanding their medical needs and diagnosis. We believe to have a foundational understanding of the client will assist in ensuring positive outcomes for the clients as well as the staff. We offer courses that are catered to the roles and a variety of clients that we serve as Direct Care Workers. Our goal is to assist direct care workers to elevate in their positions as well as offer the best-skilled services for their positions while enhancing their skills, knowledge and great decision-making skills.

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Required Trainings 

Required Training's for Direct Care Workers working in APD licensed homes on the Train Website. 

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We are always adding more information for our staff to be well aware and have knowledge to make their jobs as well as our residents lives and outcome more successful. 


Our services are fully integrated with technology.

We offer additional training's to our staff ensure that they are well equipped with awareness of the residents we serve. 

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the Train Organization or APD Cares.  This information was placed here for convenience of access. 

Disclaimer Note: We are not affiliated with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities or Medicaid. We are a licensed private company who is licensed through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities who has kept their standards through constant monitoring which is a state requirement.  We are licensed to receive referrals for clients through The Agency for Persons with Disabilities. (APD) We are a Medicaid Waiver Provider to provide services and bill Medicaid for the services we render.