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Annual Vacation Time Coming Up!!!



We are excited to announce that we will be taking our annual Summer Vacation. We will be going to Orlando to visit the the theme parks. So we are looking forward to a great time.

We are monitoring the Corona Virus to determine if it we safe to go to the a heavy populated place such as a theme park. We will keep you updated as this scenario develops. However, as always the safety of our clients and staff come first. 

Our Latest Birthday Celebration Ladies!




Our services consist of Residential Habilitation for persons with disabilities. We strive of offering our residents a home like environment. Our ultimate goal is for our residents to become productive in obtaining life skills to become self sufficient to the best of their ability. we offer personalized individual goals based their individual goals. We work with them on a one on one basis to give them all of the individual attention they need to obtain their goals. We also make their environment fun and exciting by offering a variety of activities to keep them occupied and mentally stimulated. We strive on giving our clients well balanced meals, supervised under a licensed nutritionist. We have behavioral services by a licensed Behavioral Analyst for residents who require this service. 

Please visit our Activities Page for more information on the services we offer . 



Direct Care Worker

Pre-Hire Knowledge Based Test

With great thought, we have come up with a Direct Care Worker Pre-Hire Knowledge Based Test. The purpose of this test is to gain skilled workers who are accountable and knowledgeable and possess great decision-making skills. This give employers knowledge to know the skill set of the worker that being hired for direct care workers within a group home setting. 



 Our Mission and Vision

Because of Grace Residential Care Services offer services for persons with disabilities to live a meaningful valued life in the community, while assisting them in achieving their outcome goals to the best of their abilities with dignity, respect and integrity. We offer a warm home like environment that focuses training skills to be a productive individual in society. As well as we offer love, warmth and consistent care for our residents.  We ensure that our individuals are actively involved in the community with a variety of outings as well as attending worship service on Sundays. Please visit our Activities Page for more information.


Striving to Give You Growth and Stability. 



Direct Care Workers
Pre-Hire Knowledge Test 

This a test for Employers to get a great mindset of who will make a great skilled worker.

Direct Care Workers
Pre- Hire Knowledge Test
For workers with prior experience.

This test is for agencies and individuals

to have an insight on selecting candidates with  knowledgeable and competent skills 

Training Courses


Required hours in-service training for

Long Term Care Residential Care Facilities

Direct Care Worker 
Are you new to the field or considering, if being a direct care worker is for you?

We have put this assessment together to assist you  your decision-making process.

We offer a variety of activities on a daily basis. Our residents are always involved in something productive. Check out our Activity Page for more information.


Disney's Palace Restaurant

Animal Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Ichiban Buffet


Fire Works Show 

at Bayside 

The Rain Forest Cafe

The Magic Kingdom in Orlando

AMF Bowling

See more of our exciting pictures on our 
photo gallery page

Bonnet Creek Resort Orlando


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a group home that is dedicated 

to providing your loved ones with 

 care and  training skills. We strive on treating our residents with dignity and respect. With the overall

outcome goals to endeavor

growth, strength and stability. 




Let me start off by saying this group home is awesome. My daughter has been in this group home since 2006. The owner has put forth great efforts to ensure that my daughter is learning and striving. They go on outings every Saturday in the community as well as attend church every Sunday. I love that! They even take an annual summer vacation out of town to great theme parks. The staff is caring and I love that they build relationships with the residents. A great group home provider. 

July 2019

My sister has been at this home for a while now. She is always in the community and doing activities. The group home is following her diet restrictions and keeping her healthy. The owner really shows she cares for the residents. The staff is friendly and caring. I would recommend this group home to anyone seeking a warm environment for their loved one.  

June 2019

-W. Foster  Family member

- S. Hester  Loving Family member

I highly recommend the care facility. Mrs. Rucker-Geffrard ensures that the residents have a warm family environment. She ensure the residents gets out in the community, and that is what I love about their program. My cousin is being cared for and they ensure she attends all of her doctor appointments. She has lost alot of weight and they are ensuring she stays active and she is eating right stay healthy.They are providing a great service. My cousin loves the group home. 

August 2019

- C. Jordan Family member



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