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Our services consist of Residential Habilitation for persons with disabilities. We strive of offering our residents a home like environment. Our ultimate goal is for our residents to become productive in obtaining life skills to become self-sufficient to the best at their abilities. we offer personalized individual goals based on their individual goals. We work with our individuals on a one on one basis to provide all of the individual attention they need to obtain their person-centered goals. We also make their environment fun and exciting by offering a variety of activities to keep them occupied and mentally stimulated. We strive on giving our clients well-balanced meals, supervised under a licensed dietician. We provide behavioral services by a licensed Behavioral Analyst for residents who who in need for this service. 

Please visit our Activities Page for more information on the Life skills Trainings and activities we offer . 





 Our Approach

Because of Grace Residential Care Services offer services for individuals with disabilities to live a meaningful valued life in the community, while assisting our residents in achieving their outcome goals to the best of their abilities with dignity, respect and integrity. We offer a warm home like environment that focuses training skills to be a productive individual in society. We offer love, warmth and consistent care for our residents, yet allowing them to be self-sufficient to the best of their ability. We ensure that our individuals are actively involved in the community with a variety of outings as well as attending worship service on Sundays. We Strive to Give our residents growth and stability to strive in life and became enabled individuals ready to accomplish the challenges that may come, as well as  allow them to move forward with confidence.

  Striving to Give You Growth and Stability


Licensed group home through APD and the Medicaid Waiver Program 

We are a licensed home with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities. We provide care for persons with intellectual disabilities. We are licensed for individuals in need of a Standard Group Home, Behavior Focus Group Home and as needed care of Respite Care. We are in the process of adding companion services to our license as well. We have provided you with a list of the services we provide that are paid for through the Medicaid Waiver Program. 

Standard Group Home

The fundamentals of Residential Habilitation also allow for specific training activities that assist the person to acquire, maintain, or improve skills related to activities of daily living that may include personal hygiene skills such as bathing/oral hygiene, and homemaking skills such as food preparation, vacuuming, and laundry just to name a few daily skills. Our focus to assist our individuals based on their outcome goals and the knowledge and skills they choose to acquire. This training is to be provided in accordance with a formal Implementation Plan, developed by the provider with direction from the person, and reflects the person’s goals from the current needs and desires. 

Behavior Focused Group Home

The goal of Behavior Focused Residential Habilitation service is to prepare the recipient for full or partial re-integration into the community, with established behavioral repertoires, such as developing a healthy lifestyle, filled with engaging and productive activities. As well as allow for specific training activities that assist the person to acquire, maintain, or improve skills related to activities of daily living that may include personal hygiene skills such as bathing/oral hygiene, and homemaking skills such as food preparation, vacuuming, and laundry just to name a few daily skills. Our focus to assist our individuals based on their outcome goals and the knowledge and skills they choose to acquire. This training is to be provided in accordance with a formal Implementation Plan, developed by the provider with direction from the person, and reflects the person’s goals from the current needs and desires. 

Personal Supports 

Personal Supports services provide assistance and training to an adult (21 or older) individual receiving services in activities of daily living, including the areas of eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and preparation of meals. This service can also provide respite services to an individual receiving services age 21 and older living in their family home.

Respite Care 

Respite care is a service that provides supportive care and supervision to individual receiving services under the age of 21 when the primary caregiver is unable to perform the duties of a caregiver. This service is generally used due to a brief planned or emergency absence, or when the primary caregiver is available, but temporarily physically unable to care for or supervise the individual receiving services for a brief period of time. 

Behavior Analysis Services 
Behavior Analysis Services are provided through a state licensed Behavioral Analyst who oversees the group home to assist individuals receiving services to learn new or increase existing functionally equivalent replacement skills for identified challenging behaviors or to learn other behaviors that are directly related to existing challenging behaviors.

How to apply for the Medicaid Waiver Program 

Here in Florida you can click on the information button to see if you or your loved one can qualify to get on the Medicaid Waiver Program:

Already on the Medicaid Waiver Program

You have the right to choose the living environment you would like to live in. So you can contact your Waiver Support Coordinator and speak to them about the services you are receiving and discuss your needs and outcome goals. If you desire to seek different opportunities if you feel your needs aren't being met to your satisfaction then you can have this discussion with your Waiver Support Coordinator to assist in helping you make the best decision for your lifestyle or the needs of your loved one.

Important information: The Bill of Rights, all consumers have their Bill Of Rights of choices for their person centered outcome goals and living environment based on their individual needs. 

Disclaimer Note: We are not affiliated with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities or Medicaid. We are a licensed private company who is licensed through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities who has kept their standards through constant monitoring which is a state requirement.  We are licensed to receive referrals for clients through The Agency for Persons with Disabilities. (APD) We are a Medicaid Waiver Provider to provide services and bill the Medicaid Waiver Program  for the services we render.

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Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of individual's with disabilities. We strive on offering a variety of services to give options and person-centered choices to be productive individuals in society.

Our Purpose

To ensure individual's have all opportunities to become resilient and achieve an optimal standard of living while contributing to their overall well-being, health and life style.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the best Long Term Care group homes in South Florida. We are achieving this by providing  a transformational and  comprehensive service delivery of social- emotional, physical and healthy lifestyle of living.

Why Choose Us

Standard of Excellence
Person Centered Approach
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We are in the process of looking for a second
 Residential Care  Home!

We are so proud and blessed to announce that we will be opening up a second residential care group home for persons with intellectual disabilities. Because of God's Grace this is manifesting into a reality. The second location will be in Miami-Dade County. We are estimating that we will have this home open by next year.   We will keep you updated as to when we will start accepting new clients.  We thank you for all your support and entrusting us with your loved ones. We look forward to providing the same quality of service to new individuals.
"Striving to Give You Growth and Stability" 

Current Events 
Annual Vacation Time Rescheduled
Due to the Pandemic


We are excited to announce that we will be taking our Annual Vacation. We will be going to Orlando to visit the theme parks as well as stay in luxury accommodations of a finest resorts through our time share.

So we are looking forward to a great time.


Birthday Acknowledgements!

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Are you looking to place your loved one
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Place your loved one with a home that is dedicated  to providing your loved one's with meaningful day activities, community inclusions, worship interactions,  care and training skills etc.  We strive on giving individual attention to each resident's needs to be successful to the best of their ability.
We strive on treating our residents with dignity, respect and love.




Let me start off by saying this group home is awesome. My daughter has been in this group home since 2006. The owner has put forth great efforts to ensure that my daughter is learning and striving. They go on outings every Saturday in the community as well as attend church every Sunday. I love that! They even take an annual summer vacation out of town to great theme parks. The staff is caring and I love that they build relationships with the residents. A great group home provider. 
July 2019

My sister has been at this home for a while now. She is always in the community and doing activities. The group home is following her diet restrictions and keeping her healthy. The owner really shows she cares for the residents. The staff is friendly and caring. I would recommend this group home to anyone seeking a warm environment for their loved one.  
June 2019

-W. Foster  Family member

- S. Hester  Loving Family member

I highly recommend this care facility. Mrs. Rucker-Geffrard ensures that the residents have a warm family environment. She ensure the residents gets out in the community, and that is what I love about their program. My cousin is being cared for and they ensure she attends all of her doctor appointments. She has lost a lot of weight and they are ensuring she stays active and she is eating right stay healthy. They are providing a great service. My cousin loves the group home. 
August 2019

- C. Jordan Family member

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