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Fun Activities For Seniors

There’s no age limit on a good old fashioned playdate. Everyone enjoys spending time with friends, family, and loved ones– so why should that stop once you’re a senior? Even though we may slow down as we get older, maintaining a commitment to social activities and sharing new experiences is important.

Plan a group outing for seniors and your loved ones, and enjoy their smiles and laughter as they remind themselves that we’re never too old for play.

Read our list of activities for seniors below get get inspired and share other ideas in the comment section below!

  • Buy canvases and paints from an art supply store. Take a trip to a scenic location and have everyone let their inner artist out.

  • Visit a museum. Have lunch afterwards and talk about your favorite paintings.

  • Find a local birder to take your group bird watching. Have fun discovering nature right in your hometown.

  • Go to the movies to see the latest Oscar candidate. Discuss what you liked and didn’t like.

  • Have everyone get together those old family photos, and create scrapbooks together. Share stories about the loved ones in your photos.

  • Take a class in cooking, quilting or flower arranging. Then show off your skills at the next gathering!

  • Visit a pottery studio to play with some clay.

  • Take a group yoga or tai chi class. Exercise is great for seniors, and much more fun with a few friends.

  • Take a group internet class so that your seniors can send emails to or video chat with their families.

  • Visit a local park and practice your nature photography skills.

  • Start a book discussion group. When possible, prepare foods from the book you’re reading at the get-together.

  • Host a traditional English tea party, complete with crumpets and scones.

  • Have a game night. Give out prizes to the winners. Card games, Yahtzee and Scrabble are always group favorites!

  • Start a walking group. Meet at the local park or mall, and enjoy each other’s company as you get a little exercise.

Resources: Griswold Home Care

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