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We are proud to come up with services that are geared to assist Providers who operate residential care facilities. We have put together options that will make life less hectic for you by removing some of the additional pressures from your everyday operations. We have thoughtfully put together a system that can assist you in picking candidates who are skilled in the work force and supplementary to your business.

Have you interviewed candidates, with impressive resumes and you thought you were getting an accomplished skilled worker.  You actually find out that they do not have the proper skills or know-how for the position. Not to mention adequate decision-making skills or writing skills. Our team has experienced the same scenarios over and over. This overall experience leads to frustration up to termination of the position in a short time period. Which caused you to have many state required training's conducted. Not to mention that many of the training's were paid for by your company. Several hours of training a person who was inadequate  for the position. This whole cycle leads to starting all over with another applicant and hoping for success the next time around. 

Direct Care Worker

Knowledge Pre-Hire Test 

So with great thought, we have come up with a Direct Care Worker Knowledge Based Pre-Test (Work related IQ Test). The purpose of this test is to gain skilled workers who are accountable and knowledgeable. This,in turn takes some of the pressures away which allows the Provider to focus on the administrative and state requirements of the business. As well as allowing some time to take that long needed vacation. Our services are based on the needs of the Provider as well as convenience. 

               Direct Care Workers Courses

We have provided Continue Education Trainings for the state required 8 hours of training.  These trainings are also great for your staff as to the operation of a group home facility.  Upon successful completion of the courses, your staff will receive a CE certificate indicating the course and the hours credited. 


Background Check Requirements 

We make it a very simple to order your FDLE check and the driver license check. You will fill one request form to get both requests. The information will be sent to your email address along with the receipt. You have the option to order one service or the combination package.  


                         Electronic Notary Service 

Our Electronic Notary Service offers the convenience of having documents notarized without having to leave your business. This service is also available for documents that need a notary stamp for all of your business needs as well as your staff. 


Our Goal 

Our goal is to make sure you are able to focused on the overall affairs of your business. As well as take some of the responsibilities from you by giving you the opportunity to hire competent staff, as well as keep your staff abreast of beneficial trainings for your business. This overall effort will allow your business to grow in all aspects.

We hope you are excited about this great opportunity. We are working expeditiously on completing the website. Our services will be available soon!



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Direct Care Workers
Pre-Hire Knowledge Test 

This a test for Employers to get a great mindset of who will make a great skilled worker.

Direct Care Workers
Pre- Hire Knowledge Test

For workers with prior experience

This test is for Agencies to get a great mindset of who will make a  knowlegeable skilled worker.


Training Courses


Required hours training for

Long Term Care Residential Care Facilities


Electronic Notary Service

We offer the convenience of conducting Electronic Notary Service without you having

to  disrupt your business affairs.


Florida Driver License Check 


Per state requirement 

 Direct Care Workers who transport, are required to have a driver license check conducted.

Currently for Florida Residents only


Background Check


Full background checks in any state




Custom Business Forms

We provide custom business forms catered to your need. Give us your ideas and we will create a form for your business.


Driver License & Background check 
Package Deal

Same time and money with our Package Deals





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